Best Side-by-Side Refrigerators In 2019

best side-by-side refrigerator

With these side by side refrigerators add some style to your home space. In summer days the uses of electronic appliances greatly increase. One of the most essential and commonly used products is the refrigerator used to store food and cooling. As they’re vertically divided the concept of side by side refrigerators is ideal for households; one side of the appliance acts as a refrigerator and the other side acts as a freezer. Out of all side by side refrigerators are most frequently purchased, it is ideal for a medium sized kitchen. It has two full-length doors that divide it into two sections. For a very long time, a refrigerator ensures the freshness of your food. The market is inundated with wide varieties which will meet all types of customer requirement. It doesn’t always mean multiple numbers of shelves then it’s a good refrigerator, it affects the space to keep large utensils. A side-by-side refrigerator is suitable for a family of 2 to 4 members. For it can withstand heavy weights they have toughened glass shelves. Here are some of the best refrigerators which had all the features of a fridge at this price and plenty of storage space to store all kinds of food.

Top 5 Best Side-by-side Refrigerators In 2019

1. Samsung RS25J500DSR/AA Side by Side Refrigerator

The Samsung RS25J500DSR/AA is very affordable refrigerators. When compared with other fridges on our list these freezer has average capacity but it has a nice distribution of freezer and refrigerator space. It is lacking in drawer space both in the refrigerator and the freezer this one is the drawback of this product. its shelf space is impressive they are adjustable, spillproof and slide-out, to make the food easy to access it giving you all the features you need to customize the space to your needs. Than average freezer, this is slightly small, but it has well-designed space, to keep food fresh and to firm up ice cream that has been left out for a bit too long it has both quick freeze and quick cool features. The freezer has four shelves and three door bins.

Samsung RS25J500DSR AA Side by Side RefrigeratorKey Features:

Has quick cool quick freeze features.
Adjustable shelves
5 year sealed system warranty

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2. GE GSS23GSKSS Side-By-Side Refrigerator

The GE GSS23GSKSS is an affordable model in our list and boast some nice features; it is an energy-efficient side-by-side refrigerator. It has spillproof shelves and three refrigerator drawers to store vegetables, fruits, and snacks of all kinds. When compared to other refrigerators this refrigerator capacity is slightly above average. For all kinds of foods and all sizes, the refrigerator’s space is well designed. For keeping fruits and vegetables fresh, it has two humidity-controlled crisper drawers. One basket in the bottom and three shelves, the freezer space consists. For quick access to frozen food, there are three door bins. This freezer is energy-efficient with low-estimated operation cost and electricity use. To match your kitchen décor it also comes with four different colors.

GE GSS23GSKSS Side-By-Side RefrigeratorKey Features:

Have four colors to choose from
A lot of fridge space

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3. Electrolux EI26SS30JS Side-By-Side Refrigerator

This is one of the most feature-rich side-by-side refrigerators on our list. It has a vacation mode if it remains unopened for more than 24 hours fridge automatically switches to energy-saving mode. To keep contents extra cold it has a chill zone drawer that vents chilled air directly into the draw. With the single biggest freezer it has one of the largest capacities of the refrigerators. To keep large items separate and easily accessible it has two oversized drawers and a small drawer above them. This refrigerator also has plenty of shelf and door bin space for all kinds of an item like frozen dinners, veggies and juice concentrates. It is an affordable refrigerator. This attractive refrigerator is feature-rich with loads of storage space for a big family.

Electrolux EI26SS30JS Side-By-Side RefrigeratorKey Features:

Vacation mode to save energy
Two oversized drawers
Large capacity

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4. KitchenAid KRSF505ESS Side-By-Side Refrigerator

This side-by-side refrigerator is a nice-looking, efficient with all the necessary features. This freezer has three refrigerator drawers, two of which are temperature controlled crispers for keeping veggies fresh. For storing wine or other bottles it has a special bottle rack, so they take up less space. To match different décor it comes with four colors: black stainless, white, stainless steel, and monochromatic stainless steel. It used its space well and it feels bigger than it is, but this is not the largest capacity fridge in our list. This refrigerator is an energy-efficient fridge and also Energy Star compliant in our list. It uses less energy compared to other fridges in our list and costs less to run, even less than smaller capacity fridges. But it doesn’t have features like adjustable shelves and quick cool and freeze, this is a drawback but overall this fridge is great looking at its other features.

KitchenAid KRSF505ESS Side-By-Side RefrigeratorKey Features:

It’s very energy-efficient
Good use of space
Special rack for bottles
Comes with four colors

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5. Whirlpool 6ED2FHKXVA Side-By-Side Refrigerator

This side-by-side refrigerator from Whirlpool has 23 Cu.Ft refrigerator capacity and 8 cu.ft freezer capacity. This refrigerator featured automatic Defrost system ACCU-CHILL temperature management system and dual upfront temperature control system. This refrigerator has flexi-slide utility door bin. And for the egg and small things has four refrigerator door bins one of them is fixed and the other three are adjustable for more space. For the largest space, this refrigerator includes pullout plastic freezer drawer. Overall this refrigerator is great in space.

Whirlpool 6ED2FHKXVA Side-By-Side RefrigeratorKey Features:

Has accu-chill temperature management system
Large space
Adjustable shelves
Adjustable door bins
Conventional ice cube trays

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