Best Ice Cream Makers In 2019

Best Ice Cream Maker

The ice cream machine is an expensive item, but if you enjoy ice cream on a regular basis then it can actually cost-efficient for you. If you prefer organic or have a food allergy it’s important for you to know exactly what’s going into your ice cream. With these machines you are able to produce ice cream exactly taste like those you buy at an ice cream parlor, but with less processed ingredients. The biggest challenge for an ice cream maker is to create like a professional ice cream parlors smooth texture and the buttery stick to the roof of your mouth consistency. Maybe you prefer the soft-serve to more firm ice cream, but most of the professionals recommend that the churned ice cream should be frozen to give the ice cream a chance to “ripen”, which is really just giving the ice crystals time to bind and give the ice cream density. And another fact that you should keep in mind when purchasing an ice cream maker is the convenience of using and cleaning it on a regular basis. Here is the list of best ice cream maker in the market now.

Top 8 Best Ice Cream Makers In 2019

1. Whynter-ICM 200-LS

The Whynter is very user-friendly, you have to simply pour the ice cream mixture into the canister, snap on the lid and power on the machine. An LCD screen shows the options for ice cream, cooling, and mixing. The digital countdown begins at 60 minutes and you can able to add or subtract from that default time. The Whynter’s powerful internal 180 watts motor churned 1.5 quarts of vanilla custard ice cream to completion in only 25 minutes. When the timer hits zero the Whynter’s extended cooling function kicks in automatically and the unit keeps the ice cream chilled for 30 minutes. Easy to wash the removable canister and dasher and the machine’s stainless steel wipes down beautifully. The Whynter is expensive, but the excellent quality of the ice cream it makes, we believe it’s a worthwhile investment.

Whynter-ICM 200-LSKey Features:

Ice cream and desserts taste exactly like ice cream parlor
Makes both hard and soft-serve ice cream

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2. Cuisinart-ICE-100

The Cuisinart ICE-100 is very easy to use and after a quick wipe-down of the removable bucket and dasher, with the unit straight out of the box, you can start making ice cream. The ICE-100 has only three functions on its touchpad control that is on/off, start/stop and a programmable LCD timer. The machine goes into an automatic cooling mode for 10 minutes after the ice cream is done. If you don’t like a soft-serve consistently, we recommend freezing the ICE-100’s ice cream for two hours to let it firm up before serving.

Cuisinart-ICE-100Key Features:

Easy to use
Powered by a 150-watt motor
Churns 1.5 quarts in 30 minutes
Attractive and is easy to clean

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3. Lello – 4080 Musso Lussino

The Musso entirely made of stainless steel and manufactured in Italy, so weighing in at 38 pounds. The stainless dasher screws into place, first pour the ice cream mixture then set the built-in timer to 40 minutes. The Musso has churn and chills two switches and until the timer is set the unit won’t start. The ice cream produced by Musso was all soft-serve, which should be frozen to firm up. To churned and incorporated into the ice cream, we needed to scrape up the quarter-inch thick frozen layer because the dasher isn’t able to reach the base of the bowl.

Lello – 4080 Musso LussinoKey Features:

Makes professional-quality ice cream at home
Beautifully designed
Has efficient motor and dasher

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4. Breville – Smart Scoop

The Breville – smart scoop is also a compressor unit that chills the machine to 22-degree farads in approximately 10 minutes. For the programming automatic setting for ice cream, it has an LCD panel and various buttons. The Breville comes with a small brush for cleaning and has a removable bucket and dasher and includes an efficient ice cream scraper. The machine powered by 200 watts motor, it is emitted a harsh metallic odor.

Breville – Smart ScoopKey Features:

1.5-quart bowl capacity
Self refrigerating processor
Fully automatic

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5. Cuisinart – ICE – 60

The Cuisinart –ICE-60W is a freezer-bowl model, so you’ll need to freeze the bowl for at least 12 hours before serving. Since it needs to be chill the ice cream for the same time, however, it’s not the issue for us. Because of the dasher doesn’t move the ice cream stuck in the upper third part of the bowl, forming around one of the blades. ICE-60W makes all the ice cream and sorbet smooth with a soft-serve consistency. Has 2 mixing paddles for mixing ice cream and sorbets.

Cuisinart – ICE – 60Key Features:

Fully automatic
60-minute countdown timer
BPA free

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6. Hamilton Beach – 68330N

The Hamilton beach has cheaply made product consisting of a plastic bucket, a 4-quart metal cylinder that easily dents, a plastic dasher and a small motor in a plastic casing that snaps on top. Although this machine is motorized it requires 10 pounds of ice and a couple of cups of rock salt, which are layered inside the bucket around the sides of the cylinder. The motor makes noise and churns the dasher slowly and simply doesn’t have the power to whip enough air into the ice cream. In just in no time it makes cold and delicious ice cream.

Hamilton Beach – 68330NKey Features:

Has 4-quart automatic ice cream maker
Fun to use
Makes delicious ice cream and sorbets
Less expensive

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7. Maximatic EIM – 506 Elite Gourmet 6-Quart

The MaxiMatic is perfect for those who want the traditional look paired with the convenience of electric-powered churning. It gives you the option to hand crank or engages the attached electric motor, the product is perfect for those times when there is no power supply available. Cranking out a bug batch is super easy because it has a very large capacity.

Maximatic EIM – 506 Elite Gourmet 6-QuartKey Features:

Makes 6 quarts of ice cream
Easy to operate and clean
Have two options for operation manual and electrical
Make smooth and thicker ice cream

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8. Nostalgia 4-Quart Electric Ice Cream Maker

If you like the old-fashioned ice cream maker and want to make large ice cream this machine is best for you. Just like old-style this machine also uses ice to freeze the ice cream, but the cranking mechanism is electric, so to get your treats don’t have to work so hard. The ice bucket is made from plastic and when used with the included lid, doubles as a storage container. The machine has a handle for easy transportation and the motor locks when power is off for secure all parts. And when you’re done the interior wipes clean easily. This machine makes up to four quarts of ice cream.

Nostalgia 4-Quart Electric Ice Cream MakerKey Features:

Making up to 4 quarts ice cream
Nostalgia ice cream kits
Easy to clean
Has locks for electrical motor
Manual efforts not needed

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