Best Chest Freezers In 2019

If you are the foodie person and loves the frozen food then chest freezer is the greater choice for store the frozen food. Chest freezer stays consistent temperature as compared to the upright freezer. And also gives 20% more usable space as compare to upright freezes. They also tend to use less electricity than other types of freezer.
A chest freezer can be used for commercial purpose for storing ice cream, meal or other frozen content. If you are the owner of the supermarket, cafeteria or restaurant then large size chest freezer is the ultimate choice to store your frozen food freshly. As the number of chest freezers is in competition with different brands and prices, its difficult to find the best one among them. So, for helping purpose we rounded up the top 8 models of a chest freezer for you. All freezers in this list are with various sizes and brand, you can make a choice by minding where you’re going to use them.
Now store your frozen food in the home, home bars, cafeteria, restaurant, and kitchen for a long time with these chest freezers!. Go with our integrated research! Let’s begin.

Top 8 Best Chest Freezers In 2019

1. GE FCM11PHWW Chest Freezer

GE comes with a high-quality large chest freezer in the market. This is a 10+ cubic foot model. You can store 350-pound food in it which is suitable for large families. It can be used in the ice-cream shops for storing purpose. It maintains the unit’s lowest temperature of -5°. You need to defrost it manually, the built-in drain is given to this freezer. It has interior lighting for a more clear view inside the freezer. It has safety lock as well as power on LED indicator. This freezer comes with three storing baskets, you can easily lift out the basket for cleaning. It also has an adjustable temperature control to customize temperature during a certain range. You no need to concern to purchase this freezer because it an Energy Star certified.

GE FCM11PHWW Chest FreezerKey Features:

Energy star certified
Three baskets
Easy to clean

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2. Atosa Commercial Top Chest Freezer

This is Commercial Top Chest Freezer by Atosa. This freezer is the best option for the back of home storage in malls, ice cream shops or restaurant to store frozen food. It maintains temperatures between -10°F(-23.33℃)to -1°F Fahrenheit, which provides reliability to keep frozen food fresh. This unit is safe to hold anything from meat to ice-cream or frozen yogurt. This chest freezer has 9.6 cubic feet capacity, that’s why it is perfect for low volume storage needs. Due to its hinged lid there easy access of the freezer’s content will be obtained. The lid is insulated to offer best temperature retention. The basket is included in this product to keep smaller item like burger patties, sandwiches, ice cream, etc. Due to this separate basket smaller item not get crushed by the larger one. There is a drain plug in the left corner of this freezer. The easy and effortless cleaning is done with this drain plug by defrosting it manually.
The interior is manufactured durable embossed aluminum makes this unit durable. Foamed in place polyurethane insulation delivers temperature retention and structural strength.
Perfect for families who love to buy meat in bulk!

Atosa Commercial Top Chest FreezerKey Features:

Adjustable Temperature
Drain Plug and Locking Lid
Embossed Aluminum Interior
Foam Insulation

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3. Danby DCF072A2WDB-3 DCF072A2WDB1 Chest Freezer

Danby creates brilliant & inspired appliances for your life’s every move. They come with this best quality product for your day to day life needs. The depth of this freezer is about 22.5 inches, So it is easy to pass from any standard doorways. It has rear castors which makes it an ease to reposition which leads easily to move this unit. Front Mount Thermostat provides the easily and quickly program this unit between temperature between 10.4F and -11.2F. The power on indicator is there for an indication. for smaller frequently used items and effortless access, this unit comes with a sliding basket and vertical compartment divider is perfect for organization. This freezer is of 7.2 cu.ft. interior capacity.
The melted frost and ice are collect in the defrost drain which makes convenient cleaning. This Eco-friendly unit has great manufacture quality with lower price!

Danby DCF072A2WDB-3 DCF072A2WDB1 Chest FreezerKey Features:

Accessible Front Mount Defrost Drain
Adjustable white wire basket
Vertical compartment divider for easy organization

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4. Arctic King – [WHS-258C1WS] 7 Cubic Feet Chest Freezer

This Arctic king’s freezer having capacity 7 cubic feet. It designed in such a way that it will suit for any décor whether it’s a home or your business place. It has removable storage basket provide flexibility .you can place your favorite food in it so that you can access quickly and removable gasket keep your fridge clean and hygienic. This compact chest freeze gives extra storage for your frozen food. It acquires less space at your home or business place. The interior of this freezer is easy than typical silicon or aluminum interior. The adjustable thermostat and recessed handle make this unit easy and convenient to use. This freezer provides a wide range of temperature to keep your food frozen food fresh.
This is Perfect little chest freezer for your favorite frozen food, especially for the price!

Arctic King - [WHS-258C1WS] 7 Cubic Feet Chest FreezerKey Features:

Adjustable thermostat
Effortless clean interior
Balance hinge design

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5. Maxx Cold Chest Freezer

Do you get lost in the frozen food business due to the power outage problem?? Maxx cold comes with the solution that is their chest freezer. This model Keeps food frozen for 2 Days in case of a power outage. This is ideal for the convenience store, concession stand, ice cream shop, restaurant, bar, or home. It recovers temperature rapidly after the opening lid. It’s high capacity freezer (23.6 Cubic Feet 669 Liter) for large storage as compare to another chest freezer.
Interior storage baskets are included so that you can keep your frequently used frozen food in it for convenient access. It has a white coated exterior which is easy to wipe down and clean. This model looks attractive; its white color adds professionalism.
This unit of Maxx cold is the best option for safely storing frozen food products like meat, packaged foods, ice cream, vegetables, desserts and bags of ice while you are going to store it for a long time in large quantity.

Maxx Cold Chest FreezerKey Features:

Ideal for large storage
Attractive look
Keep cool 2 days in case of a power outage

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6. 7.1 Cubic Foot Chest Freezer

Product of IGLOO comes with affordable price without compromising quality. This comes with adjustable thermostat, means you can adjust the temperature in given desire range. There is power on indicator, to know whether the unit is on or off. It can store about 135 Lbs. of Frozen Food. You need to defrost it manually .there is defrost drain for easy and convenient clean. The wire basket is given for easy storage . its black color finish makes it look stylish.
This freezer is ideal for a hunting or fishing cabin, your garage, cafeteria or home to store frozen food.

7.1 Cubic Foot Chest FreezerKey Features:

Adjustable thermostat
Easy accessible defrost drain
Wire basket for easy storage

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7. Tiger Chef Commercial Angle Curved Top Chest Freezer

This tiger chef’s top chest freezer is one of the best performers among all chest freezer. This functional freezer comes with transparent glass arc lid so that it can beautifully showcase its content. This freezer is the perfect choice for a supermarket, restaurant or a cafeteria. It is best for storing ice creams, meat product or other frozen food. The refrigerant used in this model is R1344A(accepted standard) so no ozone depletion will occur which doesn’t lead global warming. This Eco-friendly product has an efficient refrigeration system.
The storage basket is coated with Epoxy, because of that it prevents rust and corrosion and does well in the moist environment. The 2” D castors are attached which offers smooth mobility and protect from damage to the floor. White coated steel exterior and white coated aluminum interior for convenient for cleaning and maintenance. It has a defrost drain to make cleaning purpose easier. Its Lockable door provides you more security when it is used in supermarket.

You will happy to have this tiger chef’s fully researched, tested, and proven to perform product!

Tiger Chef Commercial Angle Curved Top Chest FreezerKey Features:

3-inch insulation foam wall
Tempered glass slide lids with reflective film
The freezer can be set to -10 to -1° F

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8. midea WHS-129C1 Single Door Chest Freezer

Midea is an international leader in the manufacturing of high-quality, high-value appliances. This 3.5 cubic freeze is perfect for any place where you want to keep ice and frozen food. As this freezer is compact in size, it will be ideal for home, home bars, garages, gyms, etc. It is perfect for a small apartment and spaces. This unit is ideal for a gallery or European kitchen where availability of space is limited. The presence of advanced coil technology provides reliability to keep food ice frozen rock solid without thawing and refreezing. Its bottom drain makes defrosting easy and It also includes a removable inner basket. This is a silent freezer due to its Whisper-Quit technology.
This freezer wonderful thing to have, for a small family or a single person, and its an amazing for storing extra ice for cocktails when you are ready to entertain your family and friends!

midea WHS-129C1 Single Door Chest FreezerKey Features:

Compact in size
Made with Whisper-Quiet Technology
Superior to clean

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Here we discovered the best chest freezer with a variety of sizes. All list included freezer are an ideal performer, you just need to pick the suitable size. The listed freezers are for commercial as well as personal (family ) uses.
We are sure you will get the chest freezer which you are expecting!

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