Best Commercial Ice Makers In 2019

Best Commercial Ice Maker

Every reputable establishment like a coffee shop, restaurant, and a bar is going to need a highly performing ice machine. Ice maker machine is practically mandatory if you look of the client’s requirement. But is truly bring a lot of advantages in your establishment, If you install the best commercial ice maker machine. No bar will be going to working properly if it isn’t able to provide enough ice for drinks they offer. Same applies to coffee shops and restaurants. Ice is essential for these places but choosing the right machine is not as easy as it may look. That’s why we make this list of the best commercial ice machine that you can choose the right one for you as your requirements.
There is a difference in each type, commercial ice machines have mainly four types including modular or ice machine head, under-counter ice machines, countertop ice dispensers/makers, and combination ice/water machines.
The modular types of machine produce large amounts of ice and should be used with a separate unit that can be store and dispense the ice. It dispenses from 250lbs. to 1000lbs. per day. The Undercover Ice Machines are used in small bars, cafes, and businesses that need less amount of ice. It produces 350 lbs. ice per day. Counter ice makers have storage bin smaller than others still produce up to 400lbs. of ice per day. These compact size units usually dispense nugget style ice, which is easier to chew and may dispense water too. And the last type of ice maker machine is a cube of combination ice making a machine. These machines are great for cafeterias, break rooms, and healthcare facilities. Without taking up too much space this machine can fit on any countertop.

Top 8 Best Commercial Ice Makers In 2019

1. Costzon – Built-in Commercial Ice Maker

If you want to buy commercial ice maker having a lot of features then these are the best option for you. When it comes to commercial ice makers in medium size Costzon is more. This ice maker is free standing and uses 200 watts of power. It is capable to create 110 pounds of ice cubes within 24hours and the extra storage area is capable of creating 33pounds. It is made up of stainless steel to making it rust resistant. It takes 12 to 18 minutes to complete the ice cycle. It is completely automatic this is why we love it. This ice maker can be installed easily anywhere there is access to a water supply and drainage area.

Costzon – Built in Commercial Ice makerKey Features:

Efficient and convenient
Constructed by stainless steel, therefore, it is rust-proof
Can operate easily

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2. Costway-Commercial Freestanding Ice Machine

It is smaller than the previous model but the Costway is an exceptional design for a professional grade ice maker and this is why it one of the best commercial ice makers. In the front and curved door, it has sleek stainless steel finish with a curved panel. And the Costway is also designed with ABS plastic for extra durability, that is odorless and colorless.
When you are in business, the cleanliness of your equipment is important for you. To prevent the breeding of bacteria and the production of sanitary ice this product features an antibacterial liner. It has an LED display for an operating system. It dispenses up to 58 pounds of ice automatically per day.

Costway-commercial freestanding ice machineKey Features:

Auto control and LCD indicator
The thickness of ice can be controlled freely
User-friendly installation
Compact design, freestanding application

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3. Ensue-Commercial Ice Maker

The Ensue is a little bit heavy than the previous model listed. This was specially designed for creating ice cubes in bulk. For a business owner having a larger customer base, this ice maker is best suitable for them. These commercial ice makers create ice in bulk this means it is suitable for bars, restaurants, and grocery stores with a lot of traffic. It uses 200-watt power for making ice and makes up to 100 pounds of ice in a day. For easy operation, it has LED front display so you know all the controls and functions are working properly. The 30 pounds of ice can fit into the holding area.

Ensue-commercial Ice makerKey Features:

Ideal for making ice in bulk
A 100lbs capacity of ice making

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4. EdgeStar – IB120SS Built-in Ice Maker

Then our other models, we listed the EdgeStar is a bit smaller. But, it is perfect for a full-service bar or a restaurant. For your convenience, it has a partial water line. There is a vent latched in front so this product can be built in freestanding. The EdgeStar produce up to 12 pounds of ice per day that is lesser than other models. It stores up to half of that amount in its storage cell that is designed to keep the ice cool. This unit operates as a freezer, so there is no requirement drainage. And this is why people like it most as the best commercial ice machines.

EdgeStar – IB120SS Built in Ice Maker1Key Features:

Freestanding installation
Easy operating system
Convenient and inexpensive installation
Drainage line not required

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5. EdgeStar-IB450SSP Undercounter Clear Ice Maker

This EdgeStar is a larger version than the previous versions we discussed. This EdgeStar version has the ability to hold up to 25 pounds of ice. however this model does not stay frozen the ice, but it is well insulated. for that, a drain pipe is conveniently included in this product. Keep in mind that larger scale ice machines need a drain pump in order to function properly. For providing easy access the door is reversible. This machine features the adjustable legs bottom of the machine, so you can choose the perfect height according to your need. It has a three-steps installation. It can install easily. It produces clear cubed ice with amazing quality.

EdgeStar-IB450SSP Undercounter Clear Ice MakerKey Features:

25lbs of ice storage up to 50lbs of ice production/day
Stainless steel door; removable ice bin; computerized controls.
Adjustable legs, freestanding application
3-steps installation

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6. EdgeStar – IB650SS full-size Ice Maker

This is full-sized EdgeStar has a capacity to dispense 65pound of ice so never worry about the ice again. This ice commercial making machine is built with stainless steel and features a black door. It features a built-in compressor protection system. Storage bin has the capacity to hold the 24 pounds of ice. easy to read and monitor LED control pad for easy operating function. The LED operating pad to convey different processes it will light up at work if there is an error with the product. if the storage bin is full, then ice production stops automatically. This stops the overflow of ice and allows you do not have to monitor the machine.
This product is extremely versatile functionality. Once the ice is removed, the product starts making ice again. It has a lot of variety this is why it is usable in a different business as well as a home setting.

EdgeStar – IB650SS full size Ice MakerKey Features:

This product has a built-in compressor protection system
Built-in or Freestanding functionality
Great units for homes as well as small businesses

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7. Luma Comfort IM200SS Portable Clear Ice maker

Due to its quality of producing clear restaurant quality ice, it is already popular in cafes and this luma is sweeping the internet right now. For a smaller restaurant or locations that have a smaller or cramped kitchen area, this commercial ice maker is perfect for them. This ice maker can produce up to 28 pounds of ice per day in this range of size it is pretty impressive. We love this Luma ice maker because this ice making machine does not require installation, simply plug it in and add water.
In every 15minutes it completes on the ice cycle. This luma looks great anywhere for its sleek design and with luma, the ice is never cloudy. It features a button control pad for easy to use.

Luma comfort IM200SS Portable Clear Ice makerKey Features:

Have clear, restaurant quality ice
Compact and convenient design
Powerful compressor
Ice cycle complete in 15minutes

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8. Vevor 110V Commercial Icemaker

The Vevor commercial ice maker is fast and efficient. It makes 88 pounds of ice cubes in every cycle. It is designed for energy savings and it has a powerful compressor with high-temperature protection. This ice maker also has fully automatic control with a full set of accessories. It gives you the power to set ice thickness, auto clean features, and a full ice indicator. It has built-in water filtration and comes with ice scoop to help you transfer the ice. It has feature is that it has an innovative blue light nano antibacterial sterilization process to help prevent bacterial growth, cleanliness and freshness is their priority, and that is why you going to love you this unit. This commercial ice maker is versatile. It works great in many places like a campground, coffee shops, any party gathering, homes, restaurants, bars, hotels, grocery stores, etc.
It is made up of stainless steel and is rust resistant which means it’s going for a very long time. This ice maker has a very great price tag. This ice maker produces 100lbs of ice every 24hours.

Vevor 110V Commercial Ice makerKey Features:

Fast and efficient ice making a machine
Powerful compressor with high temp protection for energy saving
LED pad for the operation panel
Constructed by stainless steel to become rust resistant

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